Fiverr Released It’s Gig FAQs Feature


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Editing some Fiverr gigs and adding new ones has led me to new discovery: Gig FAQs. Sellers get many questions from their potential buyers and it takes a lot of time to answer the same question. This is a welcome feature as it saves sellers time answer the same question over and over again. Likewise, it also saves the potential buyer some time by having their answers pre-answered.

The FAQs Editor


Answers in the FAQs include up to 300 characters and are preceded by the title which is the actual question. Also, to place this FAQs section, Fiverr has coupled it with the Description section. At this time, it is not clear of the maximum number of FAQs a seller can add, but so far, we added 3 and Fiverr has allowed that many.

For Current Sellers

If you have gigs on Fiverr, we advise adding at least 2 FAQs to each of your gigs since more sellers will use this. I believe that a gig with some FAQs will increase sales and also save the seller time and headaches answering the same questions.

I am not sure if this available for certain gigs or if Fiverr is rolling it out on specific categories. Login and see what you can add. Go through the buyer questions in your inbox and see what the common questions are and then turn them into FAQs.

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