Instructors can make more money on Udemy by teaming up!


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For people teaching on Udemy, the largest online course marketplace in the world, some instructors do well and the more work you put into it, the more students and revenue you receive That is a known fact on that website. A little known strategy can increase profits for instructors exponentially. Co-instructing… I teach over 5 WordPress courses on Udemy and my theme development course got the attention of the largest most successful instructor on Udemy, Rob Percival. This instructor from the United Kingdom has almost half a million students as compared to my 16,000. My profits drove up amazingly high and the month of October was my highest profitable month, even more than January to September 2016 combined. Thank you, Rob!

Since Udemy has courses in over 100 categories, I believe that instructors can find others and team up on similar subjects. This also creates a barrier to competition and the success of our team has inspired me to create instructor teams with other instructors. If you find an instructor who has a big student base and you create a valuable course, then the other instructor’s students will also become yours.

One problem that I found, since students can rate courses from one to five stars and write a review, Rob did not appear on my videos. I was the only instructor on in the course and some of his students rated my course low, because they expected him on the videos as well. That is not good, so I asked him to appear on a few videos since his students expect him to be. So far, he has not appeared on the videos and our course continues to get lower ratings. My advice is for both instructors to appear on the video. Divide the videos so students see and receive what they expect. There are, however, still students that love my teaching style and don’t care if I am the only one on the videos and they rate my course with 5 stars, but I wish there were more students who did. The average rating is still hovering around 4.1 and I am grateful for that.

How do you start?

Find instructors who have the following criteria:

  • The number of students from that instructor is higher than your total number of students (for all courses)
  • The average rating for the instructor for all courses isĀ at least a 4.0 or higher.
  • You have similar courses or teach similar subjects.

That’s my criteria and guidelines and it is working well for me.

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