Is it worth having YouTube ads on your videos when you lose subscribers who are annoyed with all of the commercials?


We know it well. We click to watch a really cool YouTube video that attracted us by one of these features:

  • its cool looking video thumbnail
  • its catchy headline-like title
  • the amazing number of views
  • its abundant promising description

We click on it to watch it and get all psyched and then BAM, an annoying advertisement or commercial comes up. Sometimes it is the type of ad that lets you press the Skip Ad link in the bottom right hand corner and we get excited that we can finally click it; or worse, it is a 15 to 30-second ad that we cannot even skip. All we want to do is watch the video and endure that annoying ad which even for less than one minute, seems like too long to watch. A less annoying commercial is the latest Geico ad that says “we now forward you to the end of this commercial so you can get to your video”, but just hearing that much is irritating, especially when it seems to come on for every other video we watch.

Well, some YouTube members actually watch the video and reward you with a thumbs down making your video less attractive to the viewing public. Even worse, you do not earn any money from YouTube unless the commercial is watched for a minimum of 30 seconds and most us click the Skip Ad button after 5 seconds leaving you with no money. Also, unless the member really likes your channel, chances are that if you have too many ads or commercials, they won’t be watching many of your videos. This is a known behavior of MOST YouTube channel subscribers when they see too many ads.

The question you have to ask yourself as a YouTube channel is do you want to risk losing your subscribers? YouTube has a feature called Monetization and most of us who post YouTube videos know it all too well. We have the option of monetizing the entire channel which means every single video you upload or on specific videos. We can even monetize the entire channel and turn off the commercials for any single video.

When is it safe to turn on monetization and show commercials?

We have to set our monetization wisely. Unless you have a good amount of traffic coming to your channel and watching your videos, turn monetization off. Remember, you are trying to establish a brand and repeat subscribers watching more of your videos. In the beginning, when you first start a YouTube video, turn off ALL of your ads and show no commercials. Monetization is only for YouTube channels who have already established a good consistent brand. Otherwise, you risk getting your channel off the ground.

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