Quality of Articles and Originality

At Crazy Money Ideas, we look for original articles written from a new perspective of the writer. When articles are submitted, we check all articles for copyscape to make sure they are 100% original. Articles that are copied or plagiarized in any way will be rejected and submissions from that writer may no longer be accepted in the future. The editors of Crazy Money Ideas takes plagiarism seriously and publishes articles based on originality.

Our Editor’s Review Process

All submitted articles are run through a quality check before being considered for publishing. Articles are checked for good English grammar and spelling. Editors do not edit articles, so we check for a more professional writing style. Articles about sex, religion, destruction, hate or any negative controversial subject will not be considered for publishing. The editors retain the sole right to publish or reject submitted articles.

The placement and categorization of articles is determined by our editors. Articles will be published for a minimum of one month and can remain published for up to 5 years. Editors retain the sole right to publish and unpublish articles at any time and may unpublish an article for any reason including trends, marketplace changes, or any other reason.

Quality Of Articles and User Stories

Our editors are looking for well-written articles in English. Grammar and spelling count. If we have to correct the spelling and grammar, a submitted article may be rejected or sent back for proofreading, so please proofread your articles before submitting.

How Long Should Articles and Success Stories Be?

We are not looking for long articles or stories. People do not read the really long articles. We are looking for stories and articles that are around 300 to 500 words broken up into 3 or more paragraphs. Paragraphs should contain at least 3 sentences each, but they can contain any number of sentences. Longer stories with more than 500 words have a better chance of being approved by our editors.

More About Copyscape

All submitted articles are passed through a Copyscape test before our editors considering publishing it. Learn more about http://www.copyscape.com

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