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Zazzle is a cool marketplace of printable items where customer can purchase merchandise from coffee cups to baby bibs to business cards and virtually anything that can be printed up. Even United States postage stamps can be purchased on this website.

Prices can be both affordable and expensive depending on the type of product, but any item can be designed, and customized which is the most popular way to make money on this website. Companies who manufacture printable products can also register to make money on this website.

Zazzle’s cool interface of allowing almost anyone to become a designer of any product is the most appealing part of this website. Whether you know Adobe Photoshop or not, you can create appealing designs on products and group those products into any number of stores.

Stores cost absolutely nothing to create and can be created as specific themes such as a holiday like Mother’s Day or a specific type of product like coffee mugs. The only problem we have with this website is that is takes a lot of work to complete a store. It seems that sellers need to jump through hoops to make a store live such as uploading media and sharing various products on social media. It is not hard to complete, but it does take some effort and hard work.

Either way, we love making money on Zazzle and we encourage you to join the website and become a designer.

How to Make Money On This Website

Zazzle’s easiest way to make money is to design products that have already been manufactured. Zazzle allows designers to upload designs that have been created with graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop or use their do-it-yourself design interface to create designs with included fonts, colors, alignment and other tools. Because designers can easily create a professional design with any design skills, there is no reason to jump in on this website to make money. Of course, each design can be shared with social media tools for each product.

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  1. I decided to leave a message here on your Zazzle –I create all types of stuff and sell it using the Zazzle platform. It is so easy to create stuff and they give you the products, so I never need to make that inventory. It is all free and then we customize it and sell it.It is that simple.

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